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Writings On The Wall
February 22nd, 2012

The graffiti that you see under bridges or on the side of a train is referred to as "vandalism."  True, it costs thousands of dollars to clean up, and it has become a major problem in the larger cities of the U.S.  However, the art should not go unnoticed.  "Writers," which is what the artists prefer to be called, have a talent that is frowned on and ignored.  Urban art is finally becoming more popular.  Modern art galleries are beginning to recognize these talented artists by rewarding them with their own exhibits.  Also, there are major competitions and conventions in places like Venice Beach, California, where writers come from all over the world to demonstrate their skills.  Twilight Graffics, along with graphic design and social media consulting, works with clients who are excited about the urban art form known as graffiti.  Whether it's a bar or a kid's bedroom, Twilight Graffics' art walls are designed specifically for the client.  For your very own art wall, contact Michael Lindquist at michaellindquist23@gmail.com or 785-215-3850.