Twilight Productions, Inc

Advertising Jingles, Voice Talent, Audio Production


Little Danny dreamed of becoming famous

Twilight Productions President and Jingle creator sitting at the piano at age 12 with the Lindquist Family Band.

 "These days, Dan Lindquist is known for making his JINGLE CLIENTS FAMOUS! It's true, an effective jingle makes an advertiser stand out, creates extremely memorable impressions and makes a brand a household name quickly.

Dan says, "I've always been fascinated by jingles and understood what a powerful tool they can be. While working in radio advertising sales in the 1980s, I soon realized that available jingles were either too expensive for my radio clients or so cheap they would do more harm than good. I was determined to make great jingles affordable and I launched Twilight Productions."

We Sing More ZING into Advertising!

Female vocalist and guitarist adds her talent to a jingle

With a Twilight Productions jingle, you get Dan's special recipe: a distinctive blend of his musical talents, knack for great hooks, and marketing smarts. The result is world class music, sticky tunes, catchy lyrics and energetic passion you can feel from a deep talent pool of pro vocalists to convey your message in the most memorable way. Get ready to make a BIG IMPACT for a tiny investment.



What would your business sound like if it were a song?

Man wearing a suit with a bright light bulb for a head, with a great idea for a Jingle.

Let's talk and then we'll go to work to capture the spirit of your business in a commercial length song, or brand music as the foundation of your ad campaign with an unforgettable tag sung at the end. We'll even create a FREE DEMO so you'll have a good idea what your jingle will sound like before committing to final recording sessions. 

LISTEN TO SAMPLES OF OUR JINGLE WORK BELOW and you'll hear the high-end quality, infectious hooks, and a variety of music genres and styles.